KFT Wholesale Cash & Carry (Hereinafter referred to as “KCC”)

  1. Membership eligibility starts at 18 years of age.

  2. Memberships are renewed annually by payment at the KCC Customer Service Centre. The three types of memberships available are GENERAL, GOLD, and BLACK. Membership cards are retained by the member at each renewal.

  3. The terms and conditions of the agreement may change at any time without prior notice to the members.

  4. Memberships can be canceled at any time.

  5. Lost or stolen membership cards must be reported to the Customer Service Centre immediately. KCC will cancel membership cards that are reported lost or stolen.

  6. KCC may request ID to verify the member’s identification.

  7. KCC memberships cannot be shared with or transferred to another person.

  8. Members agree to receive emails from KCC.

Purchasing, Return, Other Rules And Policies

  1. Membership cards must be present at time of purchase. Phone numbers, barcodes, pictures or copies of cards do not qualify as proof of membership.

  2. Purchases of cigarettes/alcohol/lottery tickets are excluded from rebates and discounts.

  3. Members must purchase any products they open or damage.

  4. KCC reserves the right to restrict returns. Please refer to the KCC policies at KFTCNC.CA for details.

  5. KCC reserves the right to refuse entry to any person at its sole discretion including to those who hold memberships.

  6. Members must return carts to the cart corral and ensure their cart does not interfere with traffic flow of others in the parking lot.

  7. KCC is not responsible for any stolen goods from or damage to the cars which may occur in the parking lot.16. KCC is not responsible for any lost, stolen items inside the store or damage to personal items occurring inside the store.

  8. KCC may inspect any bags, packages brought into the store by members and their guests at its sole discretion.

  9. Members and their guests agree to potential searches when they enter the store.

  10. Video recordings of any kind is prohibited inside the store. Any person caught doing so will be asked to leave and will have their membership revoked

  11. Existing General memberships will automatically be converted from GENERAL to GOLD membership as of February 1st. The validity period is based on the existing expiration date.

  12. Membership downgrades are not permitted, and the following applies when upgrading.
    (GENERAL) -> (GOLD) Valid for 1 year at the time of upgrade (pay $20)
    (GENERAL) -> (BLACK) Valid for 1 year at the time of upgrade (pay $50)
    (GOLD) -> (BLACK) Pay $30, the difference between GOLD and BLACK membership. Valid for the remainder of GOLD membership

Terms Of Payment

  1. KCC accepts cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard as methods of payment.

Sales Tax

  1. KCC accepts cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard as methods of payment.

  2. If a member purchases tax exempt goods for the purpose of selling as taxable goods, the member agrees to pay all associated penalties and file related taxes.

Privacy Policy

  1. KCC will make every effort to protect the members’ personal information. Please refer to the KCC Privacy Policy at KFTCNC.CA.

Calculation Of Rebate

  1. GOLD/BLACK memberships receive a rebate of 2% of their total purchase annually. Rebates are calculated based on the purchase amount every year from the month of membership registration. (example. GOLD/BLACK memberships signed up in April 2024 receive the rebate for the past year in May 2025.)

  2. Rebates will be processed through KCC Gift Cards, Quick Pay Cards, and other Payment Methods issued by KCC and hold no cash value. Rebates must be received through the KCC Customer Service Centre. Membership cards and IDs must be presented at time of receipt.

  3. Lost or stolen rebate cards, such as KCC Gift Cards and KCC Quick Pay Cards will not be replaced.

Application Form

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