New Concept of Membership K-Discount

Ultra-low-priced sales that dramatically reduce distribution

Reliable quality

Reasonable price

We offer you 2,000 key products you need at exceptional prices.

I strongly recommend this to you!

Frequent grocery shopping customers with large family members

Customers shopping with their neighbors

Affordable customers who want to buy at a good price

Customers with group events

Very special store, first-time item, breakthrough price

Benefit your customers at an affordable price

KCC is a store that is explained at a low price.
It introduces a new store operation system called "a warehouse-type discount store specializing in Korean products" to reduce costs and give benefits to customers.
The store operation method, which aims for future innovation, significantly reduces costs compared to traditional stores and returns the resulting profits to customers at a "cheap price."

Small Business Best Business Partner

KCC takes on itself as a business partner that offers a new way to Korean businesses that have been struggling with Pandemic.
Basically, a lineup that allows one-stop shopping from Korean products to products from local Canadian companies will be formed to support all small businesses that handle Korean food as well as restaurants.

Open To The Public, the fixer of the high-priced era

Ordinary consumers can also purchase products at KCC at a good price at any time by signing up as a member.
In the innovative concept of a warehouse-type discount store specializing in membership-based Korean products, customers will be less worried about high-priced shopping carts.

Reliable goods and brands

KCC will be equipped with all Korean conglomerate brands and trend products that have proven stability.
It is equipped with a variety of major Korean products, refrigerated/freezed products, and Home Ware, which have become a global brand. Every season, all products that meet the needs of customers will be prepared.
In summer, Korean-style cold noodles, ice cream, and drinks are presented in winter, and Jeju tangerines are presented.

20 Years of Know-how in Korean Product Distribution

KCC is based on a wide and solid supply chain of Korea Food Trading, Canada's largest Korean distributor. It will provide safe food at a good price and become a store that grows together with the Korean community.

Company Information

Please indicate which name will be used to show on the cheque.

Description of Your Company

Payment Terms

[For timely delivery of payment, we ask that the statements be sent to by the 7th day of each month at the latest. Late receipt of statement could result in delay of payment]

Term and Agreement

By signing this application form you agree that all the information collected is true and agree terms and conditions that may affect in the future. Please note that the purpose of this terms of agreement is not to create any benefit for any company, but to avoid conflict that might occur which can bring harm to both the buyer and the seller.

General Agreements

In case of address change or business name, please notify us directly by sending us mail or fax the following:

  • New Vendor’s application Form
  • Proof address change or business name (copy of Master Business License)

In case of business ownership change, please notify us directly by sending us mail or fax the following:

  • New Vendor’s application Form
  • Proof of business ownership change (copy of Master Business License)

Lost / Fault issued cheques

Please be advised that you are responsible for lost or fault issued cheques. An administration fee of $25 will be deducted from the total amount if a replacement cheque is to be issued. If the vendor’s application form with the new address has not been provided to the buyer, the buyer can not be accountable for the payment cheque delivered to the old address. An administration fee of $25 will be deducted from the total amount from the replacement cheque.


In order to be paid in proper term and to avoid for delayed payments, please note that our company requires statement of the invoices. Also, it is agreed and understood that if the vendor sends the statement late or the information in the statement is different from the invoices in it, we will not be responsible for the delayed payment and will not be charged a penalty for any delayed payment. We may also hold the payment until it is corrected.

Return Policy

Vendor must provide buyer with fresh product and buyer has right to return defective or non-ordered goods. It is also agreed that buyer may return the goods if the shelf-life time of the product is not reasonable enough to sell in terms of time. All the goods that are returned will be compensated without any deduction or penalty. Buyer must return the defective or non-ordered goods within days. Goods that are returned after above mentioned days need to have agreement with the vendor.

Please check that you are not a robot.


You can also purchase individual packaging products, but if you purchase them in boxes, bulk, or bundles, you can purchase them at an exceptional price.
After joining KCC as a general member, you can shop.
We accept Cash, Interac Debit Cards, Visa and Master Card.
After completing and submitting the membership registration form to KCC, you can use it immediately after receiving the membership card.
You can find monthly flyer and deals of the week at
Business Customer Discount applies.
You can shop at a discounted price compared to regular Korean food stores.
Gift certificates are not issued as payment methods.
KCC is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays/weekends throughout of the year.
At KCC, you can use it at a much lower price when you buy bulk or box than when you buy individually.
Yes, you can. Please see `KCC POLICIES`.
You can only pay by cash and credit card (VISA, Master).
We carefully selected 1,000 of the most popular products in Korean food stores in Canada.
Business membership fee is $50 a year. Regular customers can choose between Gold and Platinum, with membership Fee of $20 for Gold membership and $50 for Platinum membership.
You need an ID card such as a driver's license or passport to sign up as a regular member. Business license and ID card are required to sign up for business customer membership.

Contact US:

8500 Keele St Vaughan ON L4K 2A6

(905) 660-0763

Open Hours:


8AM – 9PM (MON – SUN)

MAY 1 – OCT 31


8AM – 8PM (MON – SUN)

NOV 1 – APR 30